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English Playground
Perfect way for kids to learn English in a fun and natural way in the games they like, without stress of traditional learning

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Say goodbye to:

  • The high cost of hiring native English-speaking teachers.
  • The lack of qualified English teachers.
  • The challenges in assessing student progress.
  • The need for differentiated instruction.
  • The need for parent involvement.
Say yes to:

  • Gaming-powered mastery of complex language topics
  • An engaging learning experience that makes learning fun and exciting.
  • Real-world language practice through Roblox's virtual world, where children interact with peers globally and practise and apply English in a meaningful context.
  • Native speaker instruction that ensures accurate language skills development.
  • Flexible learning options that are convenient for busy family schedules.
  • Affordability for schools of all sizes.

Recognizing that our children were not fully excited about conventional education, we have brought education into the games they already love. With English Playground, children can learn and improve their English skills while immersing themselves in the interactive and captivating world of gaming. It combines the joy of play with the benefits of educational content, ensuring that kids are not only entertained but also actively engaged in their language learning journey.

Try English Playground today and see the difference it can make in your students' English learning

Free Demo and Implementation for your school

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Our team is people who are in love with technologies and languages!
  • Anika Brain
    Head of Education
    Polyglot (7 languages), brain researcher, online courses host on Coursera, Skillbox, PuzzleBrain, educational technology developer
  • Alex Brain
    COO, growth advisor
    Founder of 3 educational projects, psychologist, coach, and top-manager with over 15 years of experience.
  • Alex Zaretsky
    Co-founder and ex-CEO of (from 0 to $100M GMV in 8 years)
  • Kate Zaretsky
    People operations (teachers
    recruitment & onboarding)
    Ex-HR Director for multiple US- companies, ex-English university teacher
  • Nicole Brain
    Roblox lessons tester, mum and dad fan
  • Tim Brain
    Minecratf expert/ Among Us, Minecraft lessons tester
  • Alice Zaretsky
    Games lover/ bilingual (Russian + English) / Inspirational speaker
  • Rony Zaretsky
    Mom and dad fan / bilingual (Russian + English)
  • 50 minutes classes
  • Live Tutor at the lesson
  • 4-12 year old

  • Individual or Small groups:
    2-5 learners per class
We teach using the BRAINIKA method:
language learning has never been so easy, fun, and at the same time effective! Because every lesson in our school is based on the following principles:
Supported by scientific research about the human brain and children development
We believe that kids should be always treated with respect
Teachers use lots of encouragement and emotional support in communication with the child. We focus on celebrating effort, emphasizing the successes of the child. We never punish for failure in order to make a child comfortable with failing as part of the learning process.
"Practice makes perfect". The human brain learns when we use something periodically, so our teachers iterate a lot
We teach kids in their natural "habitats". They do not go to class, but we go to their games, which they love so much.
Teacher learns about her/his students' personal intrinsic interests and hobbies and incorporates them in the material
Learning can be hard. Kids, as we all have our good days and bad days. The teachers are anyway kind and understanding. We build relationships with the child based on love and kindness.
We make sure that our teachers make the lessons FUN and entertaining for the child. Kids learn much better when they enjoy themselves.