Bilingval Parent Application Survey

Welcome parents!

We would love to know more about your child, including their character, interests, and experience, to establish emotional contact, build a positive relationship with their new teacher, and develop our lessons to best suit their developmental needs.

All children are different. What is exciting and engaging for one child may be 'boring' or disengaging for another. Please tell us everything you think is important to the learning process for your child, so that together we can help them to increase their success in learning the English language and loving their classes at!

This sensitive information will be available only to the Bilingval training coordinator, methodologist and your personal teacher.

Thank you for participating!

1. You and your child’s full names:
2. Tell us about your child’s experience with the English language. How/where have they learned it, and how/where do they use it most?
3. What are your child’s thoughts about English? English is...
4. How would you describe the English level of your child?
5. What does your child love more than anything else? What are their favorite toys/cartoons? What are they interested in?
6. Describe your child’s character in one word.
7. What things do your child find ‘boring’?
8. We ask all parents to attend the first two lessons with their child to support them and help develop their relationship with their teacher. Your presence is not required in lessons beyond this.
9. We will ask you to reinforce the neuroscience link “English lessons = enjoyable" and give a small prize to your little hero after the lesson. Please write to us about what you can provide as a reward! Examples may include a sticker, candy or sweet, a trip to the zoo, or an episode of their favorite cartoon!
10. Please continue this phrase with your own thoughts. The Great Teacher of English is...