Online live Math, STEM and Reading classes for kids ages 5-12 in Minecraft & Roblox
Ready for kids screen time you can finally feel good about?
Find hundreds of live online classes on Roblox and Minecraft in STEM, Math and Reading below.
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Kids love it

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We know how bored kids get at school. Aren't you are tired of forcing your kids to study?

Brainika created an interactive and mission based approach to learning using popular games Minecraft and Roblox that kids love

Learning through play
We know Kids love playing Roblox and Minecraft but these gaming platforms are great learning tools as well.
We created the Brainika platform with hundreds of fun & educational worlds inside Roblox and Minecraft to teach kids Math, STEM and Reading.
We hire students from TOP-tier universities like Harvard and Stanford and train them to teach small groups of up to 5 kids using our platform.
Our curriculum is compliant with Common Core Standards.

We will show your child that learning is fun and cool.

Nicole studying in Minecraft and Roblox
Nicole's real lesson (she learns Math and also English in this lesson)
Why choose BRAINIKA?
Invest in the future success of your child now
  • Math & critical thinking are the must have skills of the 21st century
    Technology rules the modern world. Math is the foundation of logic and critical thinking required to succeed in the world today, regardless of what professional path your kid will choose in life.
  • Kids love it!
    The way STEM, Math and Reading is taught at schools is outdated and boring for kids so they phase out and lag behind.
    Are you tired of forcing your kids to do stuff they don't like? No more. Just tell your kid she will learn by playing Roblox or Minecraft and she will beg for it.
  • Parents see grades improve fast
    Aligned with K to 6 Common Core Standards
    We recruit and train the best tutors from top-tier universities.
Reading is crucial for academic achievements at school.

Prepare your kid to excel at school in game environment kids love

According to research, kids learn and master reading skills in games 5x faster versus traditional ways of learning

TOP-3% of students from elite universities
Our star tutors selected by top early childhood development experts from universities like Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University.

They are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Professional BRAINIKA tutors provide engaging and motivational educational support, helping students stay focused and engaged.
  • 50 minutes classes
  • Live Tutor at the lesson
  • 5-12 year olds
    K to 6th grade curriculum
  • Individual or Small groups:
    2-5 learners per class

Changed your mind? We give a full 100%-refund within 7 days of classes
no commitment - pay month-by-month
4 classes / 1 month
$69 until June 15

12 classes / 3 months
$197 until June 15
What our customers say ❤️
  • Sarah Lewin
    Projects manager in Pixels
    It's just incredible, Brenda managed to find an approach to my son and after just a few lessons he caught up with his peers from the class in academic performance.

  • Gregory Tabot
    Our whole family hated our daughter's math homework until these guys made this crazy Roblox adventure! And now she does all the homework quickly and easily! good luck guys and thanks!

  • Jess Simpson
    Team lead in TBB
    I just didn't know what to do with Sarah - she played all day. Now she plays less and, most importantly, she learns right during her favorite games. Her teachers are shocked. You turned her from a poor student into an excellent student. I'm just proud of her. Thank you very much!


When kids play, they get into a "flow state" when the motivation and research potential are turned on 100%. Use your child's natural curiosity and creativity to help learn Math and critical thinking skills.
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