Bilingval — online English tutoring
for kids from Russia
and other countries

Teach kids English online from your home at your time
Earn $20-25 per hour

day time
No commute
to work
Get paid
every week
How does it work
Apply and get selected as Bilingval online tutor. Pick the time slots when you are available to teach online.

Set up Zoom on your laptop or iPad. Make sure you have Internet connection and a headset with a microphone.

Teach 25 minutes online English classes to kids from Russia and other countries. Get paid each week $20-25 per hour ($10-12 per 25 mins lesson).
Who we are
BILINGVAL is an online learning service provider that offers English classes to children age 4 to 12 via Zoom taught by English native school teachers from North America or United Kingdom — all from the comfort of their homes.
Alex Zaretsky
Dad to Alisa and Roni, Internet entrepreneur, founder of,
ex-consultant with McKinsey & Co.
Katya Zaretsky
Mom to Alisa and Roni,
ex-HR specialist,
ex-English teacher

Will this job fit me?Yes, if ...
Teaching kids is your calling in life

You already teach kids English online but would like to make some extra cash while doing what you love

You want to work during normal day-evening hours and get paid every week

You enjoy the flexibility and freedom of building your own teaching plan with your students

Anny Johnson
We are seeking ESL teachers who are passionate about teaching and love children.
Commit to anything from 8 hours to 40 hours per week — you control your own schedule.
We ask to allocate to teaching with us at least 2 hours per day - 4 days a week

Who are we looking for
Native English Speaker. Bachelor's degree or above. Eligibility to legally work in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom. Minimum one year of teaching experience. Experience in teaching children. Must be punctual and follow the agreed-upon lesson schedule.
Teacher training certifications: TESOL/TESL/TEFL
Stable internet connection. HD External camera or HD integrated camera.
Qualifications and skills required:
Unique Offering
Weekly payments
Teach as many lessons as you want through the week and get paid every Monday for your work.
day time
working hours
We offer comfortable day time teaching slots:
8am - 1pm EST (US East cost time)
because most of our students live in Europe, not in Asia.
We also can offer evening slots
5pm - 8pm EST teaching new emigrants kids who need help to keep up with their English for school in the US

Contact us:
Phone: +1 (305) 318 5885
Chat with the founder: WhatsApp Chat
Address: 19501 W Country Club Dr, Aventura, FL 33180, USA